Ringette offers an environment where girls build strong relationships by playing with a dozen other players a few times a week. They will develop core values such as collective respect and collaboration while trying to surpass their limits.

Being a sport destined for girls, ringette is about participation and fairplay; there is no one who plays ringette solemnly to make it their career, and this recreational spirit is reflected at all levels in the players and the parents. .

The teams are divided according to the following age groups. The age of the player until December 31 inclusively is considered.

  • Bunnies: 7 years and under
  • Novice: 8 and 9 years
  • Atom: 10 and 11 years
  • Benjamine: 12 and 13 years
  • Junior: 14 and 15 years
  • Cadet: 16, 17 and 18 years
  • Juvenile: 19 to 23 years
  • Open: 19 years and over
  • Intermediate: 21 years and over


How a season runs

The Ringette season begins in September and ends in late March for teams participating in the playoff series.
The girls have the chance to play about twenty matches in a season, half of which will be at the Raymond-Bourque arena and the other half at other cities part of the Lac St-Louis league: Pierrefonds, Beaconsfield & Kirkland, Pointe-Claire, Vaudreuil , NDG and Montreal.
Including practices, there are 2 to 3 ice times per week, which are mainly on weekends. Practices are mostly at the Raymond-Bourque arena and sometimes at Cegep St-Laurent.

Development program to learn how to skate and play ringette.

To start playing ringette, you do not need to know how to skate. Our program allows you to learn to skate while having fun with a ring and a stick. For someone who wants to learn how to skate and play, the Bunnies program starts in September and runs for one hour every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The first months are focused on learning to skate while playing games, and gradually we introduce notions of Ringette.

In January, February and March, the new skaters will have the chance to play their first ringette matches against novice players from surrounding cities. Each year we manage to organize between 6 and 8 friendly games for the new ringette players.
When we have enough players aged 8 and under who can skate well, we organize matches against other Lac St-Louis teams as early as November.

What are the differences between hockey and ringette?

Ringette equipment is very similar to hockey, only the visor, the pants and the stick are different. For more details on equipment, see the document developed by the Beaconsfield-Kirkland Association.

As for the game, it’s very different! It’s faster than hockey because it is a game of ring possession and passing. The players must pass the ring over each blue line, which allows very fast transitions; for example, it is possible to make a pass from the center line to a player who is directly in front of the net.

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